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Dehydration in the Workplace: Why Replace Electrolytes?

In heat stress environments, the body reacts by perspiring. When this occurs, much more is lost than water; magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium are also sacrificed.

These minerals, or “electrolytes” are crucial to the human body in maintaining healthy muscles and a productive level of energy.

When too much fluid and too many electrolytes are lost, the body becomes dehydrated. As a result, the stage is set for heat stress or more serious injury or accident.

It is possible for water alone to replace lost fluid, but water cannot replace electrolytes to a level sufficient enough to prevent heat stress. Water is considered to be even less effective when used by workers or individuals with poor nutritional habits or health problems.

Sqwincher USA, a leader in electrolyte replacement drinks, has been credited with improving workplace safety, hydration, and focus in high-heat industrial environments. Sqwincher has taken their expertise beyond factory. Sports teams, runners, and ordinary people who strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle are using Sqwincher. Their wide range of products means that there is a flavorful variant for each situation, from construction sites to our daily sports activities.

Sqwincher provides a safe, balanced product composition designed to provide fast hydration. All Sqwincher products are mixed nine parts water to one part Sqwincher so it is an ideal way to keep workers hydrated.



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