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Primary Communications systems are a vital part of your business and the use of this type of on-site motorola two way portable radio equipment can make a difference in your current and future construction, security and maintenance operations.

Ensscom is dedicated to providing quality products and services in the business and industrial marketplace and other specialised users through a worldwide network of quality equipment suppliers. After Sales service in repair and maintenance and supply of spare parts are available from our local office.

For local usage, a license must be acquired from IDA Singapore to operate this type of radio communications. We shall assist you in applying for this license. There will be an annual fee payable to IDA for continued usage of this license.

Analog radio works well, and proves itself every day in countless deployments around the world. However, analog two-way radio has reached the limits of innovations. Digital radio offers Enhanced voice communications over a greater range, Static and noise rejection, Privacy without loss of quality, Longer battery life and Flexibility etc.

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Spare Battery Single Battery Charger Remote Speaker Microphone Sensear SM1 Communication Headset
Bluetooth Dongle for Two-way Radio for wireless connection


When using your two way radio together with Sensear Communication Headset, you can be assured of Effective and Clear Communication in loud noise environment up to 115dBa or more. The Sensear SM1 has a two way radio connection and can be connected to all models of Motorola Two Way Radios. For more information of radio connectors to connect the Sensear Earmuffs with your current two way radio brand and models, please contact us for assistance.




        SM1XSR EX


Sensear SM1XSR

Features:Two-way radio communications, Face to Face, Short Range Communication,Bluetooth

Sensear SM1xSR is equipped with a FM Transmitter for short range communication between Sensear Headsets within a radius of 50 meters without the use of any two way radio.

For long distance communication, a Two-Way radio can be connected to the SM1xSR.

It is also equipped with a Bluetooth and can be paired to any communication device with a blue tooth for example a mobile phone.

All noise and speech picked up by the communication device that is connected to the Sensear Headset will be processed by the SENS Technology in Sensear Headset, with background noise being suppressed and Speech being enhanced to allow clear and effective communication in loud noise environment.

It is available in EX-Proof Version (SM1XSR EX) for use in hazardous areas for example in the Oil & Gas Industry and Mining Industry etc.

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