Centralised Filter

If you have a workshop with 2 and more fixed work stations, you could save space and it may be more cost effective to install a centralised filtration system. Centralised Dust & Fume extraction system capacity can be as high as 12,000cmh or more. At Ensscom, we have project engineers who can help your company to design the filtration system that best fit your needs and application.


CF-Eco Central Filter with self cleaning filter cartridge

CF-Eco is made for welding, soldering and light dust for up to two working stations or more depending on your type of applications and fumes.The airflow capacity is 2000cmh. CF-Eco has a built in pneumatic self cleaning system which is very efficient and prolong your filter cartridge life. Several Flexi Extractor arms can be installed together with the CF-Eco filter. CF-Eco can be equipped with a HEPA filter as accessory when it is used for stainless steel welding / soldering.