Stationary/Mobile Filter Unit

Plymoth has been supplying dust and fume extractor units and filter units with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and design. We have the latest Plymoth family of stationary and mobile filter units which have been proven to provide effective and efficient extraction and filtration in industries like metal fabrication, welding schools and others etc.

Mobi Flex Filter

The Perfect Solution to welding and other dust problems in your workshop. A Mobile fume extractor with “no maintenance” replacement cartridge filters. Simply remove the filter cartridge when full and insert a replacement filter cartridge. Takes just a couple of minutes.

Two Step Filtration First a combined spark trap and pre-filter and then a 14 sq metres filter cartridge with up to 99.9% efficiency. An activated carbon for gas and odour is also available as an option.

Flexible and Economical Mobi-Flex is robust, yet the easily maneuverable wheels and the handles make for effortless transportation. Add to the new Super-flexible Flexi Extractor arm, you get a supremely versatile and flexible filtration unit that can be moved between different workstations.

MF-ECO Jet-Pulse

Economical solution for welding fume and light dust. A mobile dust & fume extractor with filter cartridge, built in Jet Pulse Cleaning system.

No expensive replacement filters needed.

Airflow over 1000cmh through the capture hood.

Jet Pulse Cleaning. Simply connect a compress air supply and the filter cartridge will be cleaned in a minute.

The filter cartridge has a filtration efficiency > 99.9%.

JET Cleaner Filter Cartridge Cleaner

The JET-Cleaner is a machine that fast and efficiently cleans cartridge filters. It is made for cleaning Mobi-Flex and Wall Flex Filter Cartridges.

When the airflow has gone down too much, you take out the filter cartridge and put it into the JET-Cleaner. It takes 3 x 10 seconds to clean the filter.

Jet Pulse Cleaning The JET-Pulse cleaning system us a combination of normal backpulse and shaking. It is a very efficient and fast way of cleaning dirty filter cartridges. It minimizes downtime and will not have an effect your workers productivity.

100 Times longer filter life The JET-Cleaner will give your normal filter cartridges up to 100 times longer life. Its a substantial savings.

Wall Flex

FilterDust and Fumes. Plymoth wall mounted filters are designed for use with Flexi extractor arms (1.5m – 3m). With up to 99.9% filtration efficiency, they clean your workshop of welding fumes and grinding dust.

Replaceable Filter Cartridge Two-stage filtration method. Maintenance Free and replacing filter cartridge is easy within a couple of minutes. An activated carbon for gas and odour is also available as an option.

WF-ECO Jet Pulse Filter

Welding Fume and Dust Filter WF-Eco Jet Pulse is the most efficient and economical solution for welding fumes and dust extraction with airflow of over 1000cmh through the capture hood.

Economical and easy to wall mount Designed to mount Flexi extractor arms (1.5m – 3m) directly to the filter and for workplaces with space constraints. Connect to a compressed air supply and the filter lifetime will be extended with the jet pulse cleaning system.

Nederman Extractor Kits

The Nederman Bench Top extraction kits include FX Original extractor arm(s) with hood or nozzle, N3 fan with speed control and standard filter (particle, HEPA and gas), hose(s), connection details and table brackets.

Optional to change standard filter to a pure carbon filter

The Bench Top series systems can be use in every type of environment. ranging from assembly stations, where solder fumes are extracted, to laboratories, where protection against chemicals and harmful gases is vital.

Bench Top series available in Kit 500, Kit 1000, Kit 1500, Kit 2000 and Kit 3000.

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