Sound Level Meter

Our Noise Measurement Instruments

Cirrus CR:191 SG

Designed to meet the demands of local construction industry environment noise measurement requirements.

Class 1 Sound level meter with data logging

Memory space of 4GB

LED Display Screen

Durable and Reliable

Able to linked up to Ensscom wireless noise monitoring web based platform for real time monitoring and SMS alert (Optional)

Simple to use and affordable.


Basic Sound Level Meters

A range of simple Sound level meters with Class 1 or Class 2 performance. Ideal for

– Simple noise Noise Level Testing

– Noise Ordinance Enforcement

– Community Noise Assessment

– Fire & Emergency Alarm Testing

– Machinery Maintenance

– Fireworks & Pyrotechnic Testing

CR 306

A simple Class 2 Sound Level Meter to IEC 61672:2002-1 & Type 2 to IEC 60651:1979

dB(A) & dB(C) Frequency Weightings

Fast Time Weighting with Maximum Hold (LAFmax or LCFmax)

Measurement range of 35dB(A) to 130dB(A)

Windshield included as standard

Optimus Yellow

Class 1 / Class 2 Sound Level Meter

For simple measurement of Sound Level (SPL) or Maximum Sound Level only.


– Simultaneous measurement of all parameters

– High Res LED display

– Ergonomically designed

– 120dB measurement range

– Optional data logging with voice tag audio recording


Advanced Sound Level Meter

Optimus Red – Occupational Noise & Noise at work

Key features

– Simple operation with the simultaneous measurement of all workplace noise parameters

– Three independent integrators to give you every function you may need to meet UK, EU, OSHA, MSHA or ACGIH all at the same time

– LAeq, LEP,d (LEX), Peak(C) & C-A for the UK & Europe Lavg, TWA & Dose for OSHA/MSHA

– Real-time octave band filters (C version)

– Optional Data Logging with VoiceTag audio recording

– High resolution colour OLED display with the latest digital technology

– Ergonomically designed case

– Fast, Slow & Impulse Time Weightings

– dB(A), dB(C) and dB(Z) Frequency Weightings

– 120dB Measurement span all the way up to 140dB(A) and 143dB(C) Peak

– 4GB Memory in the B & C versions can store over 10,000 measurements


Advanced Sound Level Meter

Optimus Green – Environmental and Occupational Noise

Key features

Similar to a Optimus Red but with additional features

– Simultaneous F, S & I Time Weightings

– Real-time 1:1 & 1:3 Octave Band Filters

– 14 Statistical Ln % values

– Single 120dB measurement range

– Audio recording during measurements for replay and analysis


– Environmental noise impact assessments over short or long periods

– Occupational & Industrial Hygiene Noise Evaluations

– Tonal analysis using 1:3 Octave Band Filters

– Detailed analysis using Audio Recording

– Noise Ordinance & Community Noise Assessments

– Hearing Protector Selection using HML or 1:1 Octave Band Methods

– General Noise Measurements

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