Wireless Noise Monitoring

Wireless Noise monitoring System

At Ensscom, we have developed a new APMS platform (All Purpose Monitoring System) using wireless technology (cloud technology) and combining with measurement instruments like a noise meter to deliver real-time measurement data to a secured online portal for clients to assess the important data realtime.

Noise monitoring data are sent via a GPRS Modem from a sound level meter at remote site such as a construction project site to a secured website where data are being analyzed if they exceed local stipulated threshold limits set by the local authority, NEA.

SMS Alerts can be configured to send to designated person to inform of the exceeded noise levels. Project Managers or Safety Officers can now assess remotely from anywhere to our website to gain access to real-time noise data and take appropriate actions whenever noise limits are exceeded.

In support of the Initiative by the government to “Go Green”, we deployed renewable energy technology using solar panels to power our monitoring system.

Our produce is suitable for outdoor usage.

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