Hearing Protection



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Sensear has developed the SENS technology that is in built into all their product range. With this SENS Technology, the user is able to have Effective Communication, Hearing Protection and Situation Awareness of his/her surrounding at the same time. While most of the hearing protection products in the market only provide hearing protection to its user, it does not allow effective communication. Most importantly, traditional hearing protection takes away the awareness of the user through his sense of hearing, and he can only rely on the sense of sight to detect danger. With Sensear Earmuffs, one can hear the background noise from 360 degrees direction at a safe level (limited to maximum 82 dBa exposure to user) and detect alarm sound and other danger warning sounds in the background surrounding.

Sensear is manufactured in Australia and its products  has been widely used in loud noise environment like the Mining Industry, Oil & Gas industry, Aviation Industry, Construction Industry, Military & Security, entertainment industry etc.

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