Safety Folding Stairs





Folding Stairs

Folding Stairs is an ideal solution to bridge the final gap between a loading platform and the top of a tank truck or iso tanker. Whether access is required for the operation of a Top Loading Arm, or for security and safety inspection, Folding Stairs offer the quickest access at height, without compromising on the safety of the plant personnel.










The unique aspect of the Folding Stairs is its self-levelling steps that can accommodate various height difference between platforms and road tankers.They operate on the balancing system of spring cylinders, which allows easy and deployment/stowage.

Folding Stairs can be operated manually, pneumatic and hydraulic powered. Some of the other features of the Folding Stairs includes:

  • Automatic locking device for stowed position
  • Galvanised, non-slip safety steps
  • Spans great height differences
  • Safe work at filling points
  • Easy handling due to encased spring counter balance
  • Rubber contact bar to avoid scratches and surface damage.
  • Warp-resistant stair frame, safe to stand on even when not on tanker.
  • Can be fixed to existing platform.

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