Newsletter Issue #1 Jan 2012

Dear Readers,This is our 1st issue of our Quarterly issue of Ensscom Newsletter at the start of 2012. In it, we will cover product news, innovative solutions and promotion activities etc.We look forward to your continuous support in the new year 2012 and the opportunity to serve you better. And keep a lookout for new products coming your way in the new year 2012.

Chinese New Year is just round the corner and on behalf of the management & staff; we like to wish every one a Prosperous, Healthy and Happy New Year!

在这里,我们全体工作人员祝贺大家新的一年里,年年有余, 大吉大利, 一帆风顺, 大家发大财!!

From Web Editor

Introducing the new MF-Eco Jet Pulse from Plymoth (Sweden). It is a huge improvement from its former predecessor, Mobiflex.

With its new feature, self-cleaning mechanism, jet pulse cleaning, it would prolong the lifetime of the filter cartridge and hence reduce the running cost for the company.

With its new improved arm, the Flexi-Major, you are guaranteed that the harmful dust and welding fumes are being captured at source. MF-ECO is affordable and low maintenance making it is a must have for companies who are looking at improving their workplace environment and workers’ health at a reasonable investment. (Read More….)

Please contact our office for more information on pricing and specifications.


Noise pollution has always been a concern during the development of a city. It is an important concern to monitor the impact construction activities (one of the noise generation source) has caused to its surrounding environment.

Under the local regulation, it is requirement for builders to monitor the noise impact caused by their project site. A Type 1 / Class 1 sound level meter with data logging function is usually used. The monitoring period would be approximate 12 – 24 months when the project is complete. In this kind of hazardous environment, a durable and reliable sound level meter is required.

Cirrus Research from UK has been developing noise-measuring equipment for more than 30 years and is one of the most established brands in the world.

Cirrus CR191SG Optimus is developed for local construction noise monitoring at an affordable price and it’s a very reliable instrument. It can be further upgrade to a wireless noise monitoring system to meet higher requirements from the authorities for real time noise monitoring. SMS Alert when it is detected that noise threshold exceed is one of the features. (Read More….)

Please contact our office for more information on pricing and specifications.

Personal Protective Equipment has always been and will be important equipment a worker must be equipped with during his daily work to protect him from injury and long-term health problems.

Dust and Noise are one of the few commons hazards found in a workplace. Besides engineering means, using of PPEs is a common practice at all workplace to protect its workers from the harmful hazards. Long term exposure to loud noise can caused occupational disease such as Noise Induced Deafness.

At Ensscom, we also provide hearing conservation talks to our clients as part of their Safety program in their workplace for their workers.

To support our clients’ needs, we also supply a range of quality safety products from Kimberly Clark such as safety glasses, safety gloves, protective coverall, respiratory mask, earplugs etc. (Read More….)

Please contact our office for more information on pricing and specifications.

At times when cost is a concern when purchasing a sound level meter, the other option is to rent.

At Ensscom, we provide rental services for sound level meters and vibration meters for our clients whose project period is less than 6 months which makes rental a much more economical decision to make. On top of the rental, we also provide added services such as generating of noise reports for our clients.

For industrial workplace, we have qualified noise monitoring officers to perform factory noise monitoring as well as boundary noise monitoring. (Read More….)

Please contact our office for more information on pricing and specifications.

Primary communications systems are a vital part of your business and the use of a reliable and effective communication device can make a difference in your current and future construction, security and maintenance operations.

Effective communication has always been a problem in high noise areas. It makes it even more difficult when you are wearing your hearing protection. Workers then resort to removing their hearing protectors to communicate and exposed themselves to the hazardous noise. 85dBa is the threshold limit one can be exposed to during 8 hours of work.

Even with technology like noise cancellation that is used in the past, it does not allow effective communication in loud noise. Hence it does not solve the behavioral problem that see workers removing their earmuffs to communicate and exposing themselves to high risk of Noise Induced Deafness.

SENS Technology was developed by Sensear Pty Ltd from Australia and is the solution the industries have been looking for in Effective Communication, Hearing Protection and providing Situation Awareness all in ONE PRODUCT!

It is now available in Intrinsically Safe Model. (

Sensear earmuff is also compatible to your existing two way radios. At Ensscom, we also sell the Sensear earmuffs together with Motorola Two Way Radio as a package for our clients.

Please contact our office for more information on pricing and specifications.