Calibration is very important as it ensures that your sound level meters and noise dosimeters meet the standards, regulations or guidelines by maintaining the accuracy and performance of the equipments. Examples of the importance of Calibration are as follows:

  • When information collected is to be used for legal purposes (show compliance with occupational noise standards and local NEA Environmental Noise Regulations )
  • Where measurement data is used to select hearing protection or noise control products
  • Where information is used for environmental compliance or for planning application

There is 2 different types of calibration, namely Field calibration and periodic calibration/verification:

A field calibration is a simple check of the instrument that checks it against a known level at a known frequency using an acoustic calibrator (e.g Cirrus CR515). Simply put, field calibration confirms the instrument is functioning at that specific reference point.

Periodic calibration/verification is different from field calibration as it requires a much more extensive range of tests and performance checks to be made and is usually only carried out in a calibration laboratory that has the correct equipment and expertise.

Cirrus calibration laboratory provide annual periodic calibration services to customers’ Cirrus sound level meters and other instruments . The equipment such as the sound level meters and noise dosimeters are put through a series of test in the laboratory to ensure that the accuracy of the equipment.

If calibration is not done on a regular basis (at least once a year), the data collected by the noise measurement instruments are questionable.

Cirrus will extend the product warranty by another 12 months (*Terms & Condition Applies. Warranty, excludes product parts damaged due to wear and tear.) when you check in your Cirrus sound level meters with us for your annual cirrus factory calibration

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